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Can I see the prices in my currency?

There is a currency converter in the top bar of the website. It is set to the default GBP (British Pounds), but you can select your currency from the drop-down menu. If you do not see your currency listed, you can still buy from us - your card company will convert the transaction into your currency.

How do I send you my measurements?

When you place an order with us, you will be sent (by email) a measurement chart and guide with full instructions for how to take your measurements and to submit them to us.

Will I be able to walk in my Hobble Skirt?

Yes, to a certain extent, but it is designed to reduce your stride and make you walk differently. You will need to be careful when doing some things, like going up and down stairs, sitting down etc. It is called a Hobble Skirt because it is designed to hobble, or limit, your movement, making you walk in an elegant, seductive way. It is not designed for strenuous physical activity. Some women find wearing high heels makes a tight skirt feel less obviously restrictive, because high shoes already shorten your stride. How, where and when you wear your "Little Black Hobble Skirt" is up to you - but if you take care, it can be very enjoyable. 

What is meant when a scarf is worn "Sloane Street Style"?

In London, Sloane Street is where the most fashionable designer shops can be found, and stylish women can sometimes be seen wearing high quality headscarves tied unusually high on the chin, just below the lips. It is a personal favourite style of ours and is enjoying a revival on some scarf-interest internet sites, for example Scarf Queen - Tamara is a big fan of what we do. In her videos and photo galleries, she often wears "Sloane Street Style" scarves with her Hobble Skirts and her collection of our high RoSa Shoes.  Well worth a visit!