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Terms and Conditions

We are the sole designers and manufacturers of "The Little Black Hobble Skirt". Your hobble skirt will normally be despatched within 28 days of our receiving your measurements (possibly sooner, depending on workload).

It is up to you to provide the correct measurements, using the measurement guide and chart we will send by email after your order has been placed. Measurements are checked during manufacture and again before despatch.

Your "Little Black Hobble Skirt" is custom-made to your personal measurements. It is therefore of no use to anyone else, so it cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Please remember - it is a HOBBLE skirt. It does not have a walking split so you must take smaller strides. As you will see in our videos, walking in the appropriate way in a Hobble Skirt is possible, enjoyable and attractive - but you should not expect it to be easy. It is a skill which you may have to learn.


Transactions are in British Pounds.  This will not affect your ability to buy if you live outside the UK - your card-issuing bank will convert the transaction to your currency automatically. The rate of exchange is determined by your own bank or card-issuing company at the time of your transaction. Price equivalents given in our currency converter are an approximate guide only.

Customs Duties payable on goods sent to countries outside the UK are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.


Although we always make the garments to the best of our abilities, tight skirts should be worn with care. Do not sit down too suddenly or force the skirt in any way. Take care not to catch the fabric in the zip, as this may cause irreparable damage to both.

Please read and follow the washing, drying and ironing instructions supplied with your skirt.


These are highest quality Italian 100% silk twill and should be dry cleaned only. Washing is not recommended. If ironing, be sure to avoid flattening the rolled edge. Helpful tip - it's better to avoid using lipstick if you are wearing your scarf "Sloane Street" style. For reasons of hygiene we are unable to accept returns of scarves.


We accept no responsibility, beyond advising caution, for any accidental damage occurring to your Hobble Skirt, or to you, or caused by you to any third party, while you are wearing your Hobble Skirt. Take care!

Hobble Skirts are intended to be impractical and should only be worn in appropriate conditions. Although they look wonderful and are fun to wear, they can be hazardous in certain circumstances. They are best worn in a calm, leisurely way. If you must hurry for any reason, it is possible to trot with small, quick steps.

It is up to you to decide what you can or cannot do while wearing your skirt. It is important to take special care when descending stairs in an ankle-length Hobble Skirt.


"The Little Black Hobble Skirt" is the name of the UK-based company entirely owned and run by Roger and Sarah Adams. The made-to-measure garments produced by the "Little Black Hobble Skirt" are only available, worldwide, direct from this website. There are no dealerships, stockists or agents. You will not find our products on sale in any shop or anywhere else on the internet. No part of this website or any gallery linked to it may be reproduced or copied in any form or for any purpose without our permission. All “Little Black Hobble Skirt” designs, logos, text, videos and images are the property of Roger and Sarah Adams, trading as “The Little Black Hobble Skirt”. If you wish to use videos or pictures from our website or galleries for any purpose whatsoever, please contact us. We would politely request that we are credited and in the case of online usage such as Blogs, our website should receive a link. In the case of our promotional videos, please do not try to re-post them without our credits and titles at the beginning and end.