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Scarf Queen Tamara wears Little Black Hobble Skirt

Here's my Facebook friend, Tamara the Scarf Queen, looking so beautiful in her new Black Satin Little Black Hobble Skirt.

Tamara the Scarf Queen in Little Black Hobble Skirt and RoSa Shoes and Silk Scarf

My thanks to Tamara, for allowing us to use this lovely photo, from her website She has been featuring her RoSa Shoes and RoSa Silk Scarves in her work for a while now, and is a recent convert to the Hobble Skirt. Tamara says "I love these hobble skirts - they are a new challenge for me".  She has already featured her new skirt in a video on her website, and another is coming soon.  She does a great job walking with such elegance and poise in this tight and fabulously restrictive skirt!

You can see more photos of her, and videos of her walking, by visting her website.  You will need to subscribe to view them, but I can tell you the quality of her photographic work is high, and the results are stunning.

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